So I FINALLY got to see Sorry to Bother You. I tried a while ago and it was sold out the night I went, but I wish I’d made it so I could go again. This is a brilliant film and if you haven’t seen it yet and still can, you should. It’s a remarkable combination of reality exaggerated just enough to be absurd and thought-provoking but in a way that highlights existing injustices by pushing them just a bit farther. It examines the exploitation of workers and the growing wealth gap.
Can corporations make things so bad for people that they would start voluntarily signing their lives away to slavery to be freed of the anxiety of providing housing and food for themselves and their families in conditions in which working people do not earn enough to do that?
Will businesses/corporations, in their continuing quest to extract every ounce of productivity from workers employ knowledge of genetics to alter the very nature of human beings?
And how do the few who find themselves succeeding in this environment square their desire to do something they’re good at with their growing awareness that they are succeeding at the expense of others?
Not to mention a lot of good humor, great music, and very appealing characters. What more could you want from a movie?