It was unseasonably chilly here in eastern Massachusetts over Memorial Day weekend, so last night I made lentil soup by sauteeing an onion on medium in Instant Pot, along with half a red pepper and four julienned carrots in 2 tsps of olive oil. Sauteeing on medium for 20 minutes caramelizes the onions (put them in first so they can get started while you’re slicing the pepper and then the carrots). Then add a cup of green lentils and 4 cups of water and put it on pressure cook for 10 minutes. I let it lose pressure naturally for about 20 minutes then stirred in 1 tbsp on Better than Bouillon and a tsp. of Wizard Vegan Worcestshire sauce. Lately I’ve been buying Romaine hearts instead of those salad mixes–I chopped one up coarsely, ran it through the salad spinner, and added halved cherry tomatoes, julienned mini cukes, chopped scallions, an an avocado, and a half cup of fat-free feta. I tossed it all with 2 tsps of olive oil, a couple of grinds of Trade Joe’s lemon pepper, and several spritzes of balsamic vinegar.