Hurricane Diane

by | Sep 3, 2021 | What I'm Seeing and Hearing | 0 comments

I loved this fast-moving and delightful comedy, performed entirely by women/gender-neutral actors at the Huntington Theater’s temporary space at Boston Center for the Arts. The actors, especially Rami Magron, who played Diane/Dionysus, commanded my attention from the moment she stepped onto the stage. She was truly a force of nature!

Playwright Madeleine George updates the ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae to set it in suburban New Jersey to portray what she terms “the humility of an individual in the face of forces they can’t control” and director Jenny Koons brings the vision to life. The writing was smart, with so many laughs I couldn’t catch them all, a significant accomplishment in a play that takes on climate disruption. The result is a completely enjoyable and absorbing experience—with a sobering finale.