Can Art Conquer Hate?

by | May 18, 2023 | What I'm Seeing and Hearing | 0 comments

[The cast of Angels in America part 1, Photo: Nile Scott Studios.]

I don’t know if art can conquer hate, but it’s certainly one of the best techniques we have. I doubt that it will be any surprise to my readers that hate can’t conquer hate, as tempting as it is to try to pull out that weapon. Some would say that only love can conquer hate, and in recent years, many people I know, myself included, hae struggled with the concept of “loving your enemy” when we contemplate the enemies before us—Donald, Ronald, and their followers. But what if art is a form of love? I’d say that in his depiction of Joe Pitt and even of Roy Cohn in Angels in America Part I, Tony Kushner exemplifies the act of loving one’s enemy. This is a great show. If you are in the Boston area, I hope you have a chance to see the fantastic Central Square Theater production. If you’re somewhere else, look for another production. Worse case, stream the film version.